Quilts by Color

Choose solids or prints in the color of your choice from the beautiful selection of quilts showcased here. We have searched far and wide to bring you the best quilts by color at the best prices.

Quilts will add great appeal to any bedroom in your home. There’s a size for every bed and a color for every design taste. From neutrals, to bright, cheery colors, you can find them all on these lovely quilts!

Blue Quilts

Blue is a tranquil color often associated with the sea and the sky. There are many shades of blue including indigo, navy, light blue, turquoise, aqua, teal, etc.  Blue is a nice calming color for your bedroom, and these blue quilts will add pops of beauty to your bedroom design. Click on photos for details.

Green Quilts

Green is a nice neutral colour also associate with nature. It’s a popular choice in bedding, and it’s available in a variety of shades, too. All ages and genders enjoy the colour green in their bedroom, and you’ll love these green quilts. Click on photos for more details.

Orange/Peach Quilts

Orange and peach are cheery colours that will brighten anyone’s day. Be adventurous with a bright orange quilt, or choose a lighter shade of orange, called peach. Kids and adults will enjoy these happy quilts! Click on photos for more details.

Yellow Quilts

Yellow can be bright like a lemon, or subtle like a banana. Yellow bedding will bring sunshine and happiness into any bedroom in your home, and these yellow quilts are stylish and elegant.

Purple Quilts

Purple is the colour of royalty, and the favorite colour of many a young girl, too. These pretty purple quilts will add dashes of color to your bedrooms. Purple comes in a variety of lovely shades such as aubergine, lavender and more. Click on photos for details.

Pink Quilts

Pretty pink quilts will add a freshness and softness to any bedroom in your home.  Pink can be soft or bright, or something in between, so choose your shade, and your favorite design, and dress up your bedroom in pink. Click on photos for details.

Black/Grey Quilts

The colors black and gray can be used with a huge assortment of accent colors, or you can keep things simple with black, grey and white. These black and grey quilts will add elegant touches to any bedroom in your home, and are ideal for men and women. Click on photos for details.

Brown/Tan/Taupe/Neutral Quilts

If you love neutral shades of brown, tan, beige and cream, then these quilts are for you! You’ll love the simplicity and beauty of these quilts and quilt sets, and they’ll add style to any bedroom in your home. Click on photos for details.

Red Quilts

Red quilts will bring passion into your bedrooms, and red is simply a colour that is cheerful and bright. These red quilts are amazingly beautiful, and you’ll love decorating with them. Click on photos for details.

White Quilts

White is a nice choice in any bedroom, because you can use any accent colorus with it and it goes well with any wall and floor colors, as well.  These pretty white quilts will add freshness to your bedroom. Click on photos for details.

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